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S.No. Tender No Tender Title [English] Location Category Action
1. (3(OS-Mktg)/NSC-CHN/2020-21 (23302) Supply of Paddy and Lucern RO - Chennai Goods
2. CSF/SOG/4-1(32)/2020-21 Making of wooden Planks, Battons, Gutkhe etc on La... Farm - Suratgarh Works
3. nsc/csf/srg/2019-20/manpowe/23300 Tender for supply of Manpower at CSF Sardargarh Farm - Sardargarh Services
4. NSC/CSF/7(1)-/MKTG(23298) E-tender for supply of agro chemicals Farm - Raichur Goods
5. GARLIC (Outsourcing)/NSC/CHD/20-21 TENDER FOR GARLIC RO - Chandigarh Goods